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With HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars being awarded through federal grants every year, it should come as no surprise that the competition is fierce.

On average, there are hundreds of applications submitted for each funding announcement released. Many of which are submitted by really good grant writers.

But when the number of awards is so few in comparison to the submissions, it takes skill AND strategy to make your proposal stand out.

The average grant writer finds it easy to pursue grants from private foundations and corporations because the informality of the application makes it easy for them to personalize their proposal.

But when it comes to submitting a federal grant application, they tend to throw all of that out the window.

THAT is their biggest mistake.

Too often grant writers get so caught up in the technical aspect of a federal grant application that they forget to tell their story.

Consequently, the proposal becomes boring and bland.

Boring proposals DON’T get funded.

We’ve created a course designed to teach you how to “AMPLIFY Your Writing to Get ANY Federal Grant”

Our 7-Step Strategywill teach you a simple method that allows you to:

  1. Transform ANY federal grant proposal from boring to BOLD.
  2. Create an impactful community profile by using local data and statistics
  3. Write outcome-based strategies that demonstrate your organization’s capacity to meet the grant objectives.
  4. Align your proposal with the criteria in the funding announcement.
  5. Identify and incorporate compelling anecdotes
  6. Conduct a year to year analysis that demonstrates the escalation of the problem plaguing your community.
  7. Evoke emotion in your narrative that will directly appeal to the reviewer

Our proven strategy will make your proposal memorable and drastically increase your chances of getting your federal application funded.

This 4-week course includes LIVE coaching and covers the following COURSE OBJECTIVES:

  1. Simplifying the federal funding announcement to extract the necessary information for submitting a competitive application.
  2. Structuring your proposal to align with scoring criteria
  3. Writing strategies for evoking emotion from the reviewer
  4. Cultivating relationships with the RIGHTcommunity partners and demonstrating the effectiveness of those partnerships in the narrative.
  5. Demonstrating your organization’s capacity to successfully implement the program and produce the desired outcomes of the grant.
  6. Preparing a budget that corresponds with the program narrative.
  7. Pulling ALL the components of the application together before submitting.

There will be hands-on writing assignments to help you put the theories and principles into practice.

As a part of your registration, you will receive these BONUS offerings:

  • One COMPLIMENTARY Grant Review of a Federal Grant application prior to your submission. ($300 value – must be redeemed within one year of taking course) – EARLY BIRD OFFER through June  14th 
  • “7 Basic Principles for Submitting a Competitive Federal Grant” – training
  • FREE access to the new and improved Grant Writer’s Toolkit ($39 value)
  • Access to copies of Funded Federal Applications

PLUS other valuable resources that will be provided throughout the duration of the course.