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One of my favorite businesswomen mentors, Lisa Bilyeu, said something recently that really resonated with me. In response to how she’s dealing with time in quarantine, she stated that she’s spending her time in a manner that when she looks back on this period after the quarantine has passed, she wants to be able to say she enjoyed the moment.  

She has made a conscious decision to spend her time in a way that allows her to have positive, fond memories. Not to simply survive this time, but to enjoy it. 

That really impacted me!

It reminded me that I do have some control. So much of what’s going on right now is beyond our individual control. We can’t force this contagious virus to just evaporate. We can’t force our leaders to remove the stay at home orders. Those are things beyond our control. 

BUT how I respond to this time period IS within my control. I’m fond of saying you can’t change people, but you can change your reaction to them. 

The same principle applies here. 

I can’t control when COVID-19 will be contained, but I can control my response to its impact.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I want this time to look like in hindsight. Yes, there are several professional things I want to transpire from all of this. Some may or may not happen. But more than that, I want to be able to say I didn’t allow it to steal my joy. 

I would consider this to have been wasted time if I spent all of it sad and frustrated. I want to come out of this time a much better version of myself…physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

So, here are five things I want my life to reflect in six months. 

  1. Better physical health. Despite the fact that most of us have been eating way more than we normally do because we’re at home and bored, I’ve decided I want to get in better shape. EVEN while I’m at home. I’m still working out. Right now, I’m getting in about 4 days a week. It makes me feel better about myself to do it. So, I’m reaping both physical and mental benefits.
  • Meaningful relationships. I have several great friends I don’t often get to communicate with or see. So, I’ve made a conscious effort to reach out to my friends and connect with them. I’ve had an iPhone for years and I’ve rarely used Facetime. Now, I do. And for my friends using Android, I have set up Zoom video chats. It has been amazing to do that! It’s something I really enjoy. Since I’m not distracted or worried about my schedule, I’m able to be present and give them my full attention. 
  • Greater self-awareness and self-acceptance. One of the hardest things for me is to just accept myself as I am and to believe that I’m enough. I have so many feelings of inadequacy. That pushes me towards a “need” to be perfect. As much as I say I’m not perfect, I still find myself constantly striving to be perfect. I want to overcome that delusion and know that I’m already perfectly, imperfect. 
  • Financial gains. I want to look back at this time and see it as a catalyst for improving my financial situation. It’s very clear to me that I don’t need a lot of things I thought I needed. I’ve learned that I can do my own gel nails, and color my own hair. Granted, I may not want to do those things all the time, but I can save money by reducing the frequency. I’m very fortunate to still have my income. So, while my expenses are decreasing, I need to take advantage of that and set aside money.
  • Joyful Living. This time of isolation is teaching us to focus on the important stuff. I’ve always been pretty tightly wound. I don’t want to continue living like that. Being uptight can certainly cause undue stress and rob your life of joy. I want to release the small stuff and home in on what matters most: family, friends, good health, and living in the present.   

These are my desired outcomes. Now, I want to encourage you to ask yourself what you want YOUR life to look like on the other side of this.

Remember, we don’t know how long this time will last, so let’s get moving and start making the best of it. 

Peace & Blessings!

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