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A lot of times when God gives us a vision, we think it’s for right now. What I’ve finally learned is that’s usually not the case. 

It was about five and a half years ago when God planted in my heart a strong desire to create community gardens in underserved, low-income, metro areas. I was in Atlanta at the time. I heard God so clearly that I immediately began researching all the community gardens in Metro Atlanta. I even became a volunteer for Truly Living Well, an amazing urban farm in the heart of the city; and also started taking gardening classes.

As I began to gain some momentum, my life took a right turn with my sudden inclination to pack up and move to Florida. One of the first things that crossed my mind was “What about the community gardens?” 

I knew VERY little about what it took to create a community garden, so I wasn’t even considering doing the same thing in Florida. Aside from my limited knowledge about gardening, I didn’t have any connections in Jacksonville.

I finally released it and decided it just wasn’t meant to be (at least for that moment).

Fast forward to 4 years later…

This is a picture of me making a presentation to the Health Equity subcommittee on which I serve for the American Heart Association. I’m sharing with them what my nonprofit organization, Plant Food ROCKS is all about and the strides we’re making in Jacksonville with our school garden projects. 

It truly blesses me to see how far I’ve come with my nonprofit. It’s still really new and I’m definitely still learning, but my vision is slowly come to pass.

In 2019, I began receiving small grants to fund school garden projects in Jacksonville. AND we were recently awarded another grant from the Whole Kids Foundation (a nonprofit of Whole Foods Market). 

So, if you have a dream or vision that you know God gave you, but you have yet to see it come to pass, DON’T GIVE UP! 

You may have to surrender the outcome of how it will actually pan out, but don’t give up. Keep writing the vision, keep taking any small steps you can to make it happen, and just trust that God has a plan that is much BIGGER and much BETTER than you can ever imagine for yourself. 

Be encouraged today.

And by all means…

Be VISIONary!!!

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