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It was just two weeks ago that I was at the height of overwhelm. I have a variety of projects happening simultaneously and I was feeling the brunt of it.

It had reached the point that I couldn’t focus at work because I was thinking about all of my side projects. Spending the bulk of my time at my day job left very little room or energy to do much else. 

So, I constantly felt like I wasn’t being productive.

I recall wishing I could just have some time off to focus on MY projects only. I decided to take two days of annual leave to make some progress. And on the last day of my leave the seriousness of the coronavirus became undeniable.

I got word from my boss that we would be off work for the next week. I have to tell you, that felt like an answered prayer. 

By no means am I making light of this pandemic that’s forcing the country to shutdown. It’s a scary situation for so many of us.  That fear extends way beyond the health aspect; it’s even more so about the financial aspect. Unfortunately, many hourly employees won’t be paid if they can’t work.

The uncertainty of how long this state of “self-quarantine” will be our new norm is the most difficult part. 

We are keenly aware that we have no control over what happens. But the area we do have control is our mindset. That’s where I’m putting my focus. 

I choose to make the best use of my time. I can finally get some important things done and actually catch up on projects that I’ve been so behind on.

What I’ve learned is that worrying never changes anything. What usually happens with my life when I worry is that things NEVER turn out as I imagined. It’s always better than the worst-case scenario I created in my mind. 

The mind can be a terrible thing when we choose to focus on the negative chatter. I want to remind you that you can control that AND overcome that by replacing it with better thoughts. 

That sounds cliché, but it’s true. 

I actually recorded an episode for “The Be BOLD Project” podcast on this topic a few months ago. “What Are You Thinking About” addresses the power of our thoughts and sheds light on where many of those thoughts are coming from. 

It only runs for about 20 minutes. I encourage you to take a few minutes – since I know you have a little spare time – to listen to it. 

I truly believe it will bless you.

Once you listen, please let me know what you think. I’d love hear your thoughts about the content and how you’re dealing with being quarantined. 

Until next time…


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